cast iron bearing block

Cast Iron Bearing Block

Baoding Guokun can produce the ductile iron casting, gray iron casting components for mining, tractor, truck, train, engineering, valve, pump, pipe fittings, medical, machinery, equipment as per your drawings or samples. Main process is sand casting or shell mold casting.

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Baoding Guokun Machinery Co., Ltd can produce the various cast iron components as per your drawings and samples. The cast iron components can be used for agriculture, engineering, truck, valve, mining industry, pump and valve castings, tractor, train components, Construction, Heating & Air Condition, air compressor parts, etc

  • Metal: Gray iron, ductile iron, nodular iron, such as HT200, HT250, QT450, QT500, etc
  • Casting process: sand casting, green sand casting, resin sand casting, shell mold casting
  • Weight Controlled: 0.1kg-10,000 kgs
  • Casting Tolerance: CT10
  • Machining require: Small machining
  • Iron casting products: crankshaft, connector, housing, gap, shafts, chain grate bars, coupling, flangeelbowcasting end cap, brackets, impeller, etc

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Baoding Guokun Export and Import Trading Co., Ltd is your Chinese professional supplier and casting foundry of custom cast iron components, iron casted components, cast iron bearing block, bearing block, linear bearing block, pillow bearing block, plummer bearing block, adjustable bearing block, aluminum bearing block, CNC bearing block, casting bearing block, casted bearing block, China bearing block, China iron bearing block, Iron bearing block, China bearing block factory, please email your drawings to or call us 86-18132789710.

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