EN-GJL-150 or EN 1691 GG 15 grey cast iron

EN-GJL-150 or EN 1691 GG 15 grey cast ironEN-GJL-150 is one of grey cast iron in European standard EN 1561, it is also named as gray cast iron GG15 in standard DIN 1691 by Germany and Austria. The Grade is equivalent with grey iron GB/T 9439-1988 HT150, ASTM A 48, class 20, JIS G5501 FC15, NFA32-101 Ft.15D, BS1452 Gr.150, ISO/R185 Gr.15 in China and other countries. The chemical composition of GG15 gray cast iron is not standard. Baoding Guokun, the professional China casting foundry can adjust the chemical composition according to the production conditions, as long as we coouold meet the mechanical properties. EN 1691 GG 15 Mechanical properties:Tensile Strength: 150 Mpa minHardness: 150~200 Casting process for Gray iron GG15:Shell mold castingSand castingPrecoated sand castingGreen sand casting If you need custom grey iron castings for railway & train, auto parts, valve & piping, mining, heavy engineering, industrial engineering, engineering & construction, please contact to get the competitive prices.

ASTM A216 WCB carbon steel casting

ASTM A216 specification covers carbon steel castings for valves, flanges, fittings, or ther pressure-containing parts for high-temperature service and of quality suitable for assembly with other castings or wrought-steel parts by fusion welding.ASTM A216, WCA, WCB, WCC will be selected as per the design and service conditions, mechanical properties, and the high temperature characteristics.Today, we would like to introduce ASTM A216 WCB carbon steel. Chemical Composition:C%: 0.30 max; Mn%: 1.00 max; Si%: 0.60 max; S%: 0.045 max; P%: 0.040 max; Cu%: 0.30max; Ni%: 0.50 max; Cr%: 0.50 max; Mo%: 0.20 max Mechanical Properties:Tensile strength: 485-655 MpaYield strength: 250Mpa minElongation: 22% minReduction of area: 35% min Heat Treatment process:Generally, all ASTM A216 WCB carbon steel castings need to be anneal or nomalization.Anneal at 890-910°CNormalization at 870-890°C Casting process:Sand castingInvestment castingShell mold casting Guokun Casting, of Baoding Hebei is an ISO 9001-2008 registered iron and steel foundry & supplier of high quality carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, wear resistant steel castings, gray iron casting, ductile iron casting, protype castings and machhined castings used in Power, Mining, Transporation, Agricultural, Automobile, bus and truck parts, valves, oil & Gas steel castings, Pipe Fittings and Gear Industry. With a montly capacity of 10,000kgs and with more than 15 years of experience ensure the short delivery and the highest valued iron & steel casting parts. Ours Mission It is our mission to provide flexible, cost effective solutions for our customers on time, every time while maintaining the highest standrds of quality. If you need any custom steel casting components, please contact or to get the competitive prices!

Gray iron castings in ASTM A48 Class 20

Gray iron castings in ASTM A48 Class 20 are intended for general engineering use where tensile strength is a major consideration.The grade is equivalent with grey irn GB/T 9439-1988 HT150, DIN 1691 GG15, JIS G5501 FC15, NFA32-101 Ft.15D, BS1452 Gr.150, ISO/R185 Gr.15 in China and other countries. Chemical Composition:C:3.0~3.6 S:≤0.12 P:<0.15 Mn:0.6~1.0 Si:1.4~2.0Please note that this chemical composition is not standard, just from working experience of our iron casting foundry. Mechanical propertiesASTM A48 Class 20 gray iron has a minimum tensile strength of 20,000 psi (140 MPa). Class 20 has a high carbon equivalent and a ferrite matrix. Grey cast iron ASTM 148 Class 20 can be produced by using the following casting process:Sand castingShell mold castingLost foam casting The custom casting components in ASTM A48 Class 20 are these unimportant casting parts with low duty or load, such as boiler parts, covers, wheel, base plate, weight plate, pump body, valve body, pipe fittings, etc

Hot-Forged steel inserts for crawler belts

Baoding Guokun can produce and supply various undercarriage parts, sprockets, front and rear idlers, top and bottom rollers, track shoes, pins, heavy duty replacement parts for many compact track loaders and mini-excavators, such as FUWA, SANY, XCMG, HITACHI, IHI, SUMITOMO, LINK BELT, KOBELCO, NISSHA, NIPPON SHARYO, LIEBHEER, MANITOWOC, TEREX DEMAG, TEREX AMERICAN, LIMA, KINKI ISHIKO, Ruston-Bucyrus, etc. Product Name: Forged crawler belt parts, link belt, metal insert(iron core) for rubber track, hot-forged steel inserts, track pad for crawler, steel forging crawler belt parts, forged construction machinery parts, solid steel forged links, solid steel links, steel forged solid links, precision forged and heat treated steel link, etc Metal insert (iron core) for rubber trackRubber track is a conveying system widely used in construction machinery equipments and agricultural machinery.The Metal core attaches itself to the sprocket and prevents the rubber track from slipping off the wheel. Hot Forged Steel InsertsHot-forged steel inserts are used for maximum strength, instead of cast-iron links, like with some aftermarket producers. We supply professionally iron core for rubber track by both forging and precoated sand casting with competitive prices and good services for many years. Mainly export to Japan, Poland, etc. Please mail your inquiry to or or call us 86-18132789710.

How to reduce casting defects on the raw casting components?

When machining the raw casting parts, some casting defects will be found, such as shrinkage, sand holes, segregation and other various defects, which will cause high reject rate. If melted down, it will take many manual power, material resources and financial resources, etc..So what can be done to reduce some casting defects? High-quality meltingBefore pouring, it is necessary to plan and check all smelting process. As per our customer’s requirements, our engineers will plan and adopt the suitable production plan. Avoid turbulent inclusions and control the flow rate.If using the closed pourcing system or producing the thin-walled casting components, the flow rate of the smelting steel or iron should be increased appropriately, which means that the drop height of metal liquid can not exceed the critical value of the static drop height. Avoid the air bubbles generated by the sand core or sand mold directly entering the liquid. The sand core must maintain a relatively low gas content, and can also be vented to reduce the generation of pores in the sand core. Or the sand core can be completely dried, otherwise the clay or the base sand core mold repair glue is used. If you need sand casting, investment casting, steel casting, iron casting, aluminum casting, bronze casting and other casted components, please contact