Malleable iron elbow

Malleable Iron ELbow

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Guokun Casting is the global China sand casting factory, manufacturer, supplier and exporter of iron elbow, malleable iron pipe fittings, Iron pipe & fittings, cast iron elbow, cast iron 90 degree elbow, plumbing fittings, reducing 90°degree, black iron fittings, black iron elbow, black malleable iron pipe fittings, pipe elbow fittings, cast ironn 60 degree elbow pipe fittings.

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Iron Elbow and Steel Elbow:

  • Gray iron sand casting, such as ASTM A48/48M, ASTM A159, BS EN 1561, DIN 1691, etc
  • Ductile iron sand casting elbow, such as ASTM A536, BS EN 1563, GB/T 1348-1988, etc
  • Carbon steel elbow, such as ASTM A29/A29M(1030, 1040, 1045, 1050, etc)
  • Alloy steel casting elbow,  such as SAE J1249 (4140, 4340, 8140, 8630, etc)
  • Stainless steel casted elbow, such as ASTM A959 (304, 316, 316L, etc)
  • Aluminum sand casting, such as ASTM B85-96(ASTM A356, A360, A383), JIS H5302:2000(ADC10.1, ADC12, etc), GB/T 15115-1994(YL102, YL112, etc)
  • Bronze sand casting

Cast iron elbow or cast steel elbow manufacturing process

  • Casting iron elbow: sand casting, automatic casting line, such as DISA line
  • Casting steel elbow: investment casting or silica sol casting stainless steel elbow pipe fittings

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