Thin Wall Cast Iron

Metal: thin wall cast iron, thin wall ductile iron casting, thin walled gray iron casting

Casting process: sand casting, shell mold casting, gravity casting, die casting thin walled parts

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Thin Wall casting parts

1.Material:Carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, wear resistant steel casting, gray iron, ductile iron, nodular iron, malleabe iron, aluminum casting, brass or bronze, etc
2.Casting process:
(1).Sand casting, resin sand casting, green sand casting
(2).Investment casting, Lost wax casting or precision casting, water glass casting, silica sol casting
(3).Die casting
(4).Permanent casting, gravity casting, shell mold casting
(5).Low pressure casting
(6).Centrifugal casting
3.Machining process: Machined casting parts, machined forging parts, rough machining or precision machining, CNC turning, milling, drilling, tapping, grinding, boring parts
4.Application: Food processing parts, Sporting Equipment, Mining casting parts, Pipe fittings & pump parts, Automobile, truck, bus parts, Oil & gas casting, motor castings, casting valves, earthmoving castig parts, rail undercarriage parts, underground mining machinery parts, marine & ship casting parts, …..
5.Heat Treatment: Normalizing, Tempering, Quenchining
6.Surface Treatment: Polishing, Plating, Painting, Anodizing, Powder coating, sand blasting
7.Dimension Tolerance: CT5-CT13, machining tolerance as per drawing
8.Packaging: Wooden case

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