white iron castings

White Iron Castings

White iron castings

  • White iron castings, such as ISO 21988/JN/HBW555XCr16. The chemical compostion please check the following description.
  • Lost foam casting process
  • Heat treatment can improve the wear resistance to 150% .

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White iron castings

Baoding Guokun is your Chinese casting foundry of sand casting and investment casting structural components. Our strength components are iron sand castings.

Cast iron is an important engineering material with a number of advantages, mainly good castability, machinability and moderate mechanical properties. The normal cast iron we use are ASTM A48, ASTM A536 65-45-12, etc

But white cast iron is a type of cast iron with lower levels of carbon and improved tensile strength. These white iron castings are with high compressive strength and excellent wear resistance. They tend to be used in wear resistant applications suh as mining, agriculture, crusher, crusher liners, cylinders, digging bucket’s teeth, shell liners, pumps, impellers, etc

White cast iron
White cast iron

The casting process for white cast iron parts are

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