stainless steel pump body

Stainless Steel Pump Body

Baoding Guokun can supply you various pump and valve casting components, such as body, flange, disk, pipe fittings, produced by sand casting, investment casting, shell mold casting, die casting, centrifugal casting and precision machining process. Please email us your inquiry to

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Stainless Steel Pump Body

Baoding Guokun Machinery is a famous steel casting China company, mainly manufacturing and exporting OEM steel casting, custom steel casting, customized steel casting, lost wax steel casting, steel precision casting, steel investment casting, steel casting components, steel casting parts, steel casting factory, steel casting company, steel casting supplier, steel casting manufacturer.

Steel Casting details:

  • Part Name: steel casting, custom steel casting, OEM steel casting, steel casting components, steel casting parts
  • Casting process: Investment casting, lost wax casting, precision casting, precision machining
  • Metal Casting: carbon steel casating, alloy steel casting, stainless steel casting, wear resistant steell casting, cast steel castings, 4140 steel casting, 8630 steel casting
  • Steel casting application: mining casting, pump casting, valve casting, agricultural casting, tillage casting, truck casting, tractor casting, railway casting, farm machinery casted parts, medical casting, door fittings, furniture casting parts, power casting, marine casting, construction machinery parts, etc
No. Water Glass Casting Silica sol casting
1. Main metal carbon steel, cast steel, alloy steel, etc Stainless steel, alloy steel, etc
2. Casting tolerance CT7-CT9 CT5-CT6
3. Surface Finish 12.5 6.3
4. Application valve casting, mining casting, agricultural casting, railway casting, etc Furniture or door casting, medical casting, valve casting, etc
5. Advantage Competitive prices Fine surface finish and high precision

If you require stainless steel pump body, investment casting pump body, casted pump body, SS pump body, China pump body, China casted pump body, China casting pump body, 304 pump body, 316 pump body, 304 stainless steel pump body, 316 stainless steel pump body, lost wax casting pump body, precision casting pump body, please contact or or call us 86-18132789710.

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