investment casting bracket

Investment Casting Bracket

We can supply you vairous custom casting parts in different casting process, investment casting, water glass casting and silica sol casting process, suitable for valve casting, pump casting, mining casting, agricultural casting, railway casting, railroad casting, furniture casting, medical casting, door casting, pipe fittings, tec. Please email your needs to

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Investment Casting bracket

No. Water Glass Casting Silica sol casting
1. Main metal carbon steel, cast steel, alloy steel, etc Stainless steel, alloy steel, etc
2. Casting tolerance CT7-CT9 CT5-CT6
3. Surface Finish 12.5 6.3
4. Application valve casting, mining casting, agricultural casting, railway casting, etc Furniture or door casting, medical casting, valve casting, etc
5. Advantage Competitive prices Fine surface finish and high precision

So if you have any new inquiry of casting parts, investment casting brackets, steel casting brackets, iron casting brackets, casted brackets, please contact us via


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