Metal Lathe castings

Metal Lathe Castings

Metal Lathe Castings

  • ductile iron, cast iron, gray iron, grey iron
  • sand casting, shell mold casting, green sand casting
  • Painting, if need.

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Metal Lathe Castings

Baoding Guokun can manufacture and export various lathe parts by using sand casting, shell mold casting, resin sand casting, green sand casting and precision machining process. Most of our cast iron lathe parts are exported to Japan, Germany, Spain, UK, Russia, etc

Product name Iron casting lathe parts, cast iron lathe components, such as base, bracket, legs, back plate, and other customized lathe accessories
Metal cast iron, ductile iron, gray iron or grey iron, ASTM A48 or ASTM A536
Casting process Sand casting, green sand casting, resin sand casting, shell mold casting and CNC machining
Weight controlled Within 25,000 kgs

We also can offer you investment casting process, lost wax casting, water glass casting, silica sol casting, die casting, centrifugal casting for steel casting, iron casting, aluminum casting, bronze casting, brass casting according to your drawings.

Baoding Guokun casting factory have complete quality inspection equipments for dimension testing, mechanical properties and chemical analysis. ISO 9001 certification can help us to issue all quality reports for all inspection. The testing machinery we have is spectrometer, hardness tester, metallographic inspection, tensile strength testing, ultrasonic testing, CMM.

If you need cast iron lathe parts, please contact or or call us 86-18132789710.

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