Casting Impregnation

Casting Impregnation

Casting impregnation is the process of removing air from the pores of leakage paths in a casting and replacing it with resin that is specifically formulated to cure in the pores so that the casting becomes pressure tight.
The casting impregnation for die casting, investment casting, sand casting is a method of sealing porous materials without impacting the functional or dimensional characteristics of the material.

Casting impregnation is important because when parts are created by casting metal, tiny defects are nearly impossible to avoid. Whether those defects involve porosity of the surface, bubbles or other types of incursions, they can negatively impact a part’s performance under operating conditions.

Application of impregnation: zinc alloy casting, brass casting parts, aluminum casting components, iron castings, steel castings, such as engine block, cylinder head, intake manifold, oil pump, grease nipple, water pump, bonnet, cast oil pan, carburetor housing, gearbox housing, crankcase, Controller, power steering, automotive wheels, fuel pumps, natural gas control valves, hydraulic valves, cooling pumps, sealed aircraft equipment, and electronic equipment shields, gas brake parts and a variety of gas instruments. These castings are permanently sealed by infiltration into the micropores, and their pressure capacity reaches the bursting strength of the castings.

Vacuum pump is the effective method to solve the casting impregnation which has the permanent and reliable sealing capacity on the casting with microporous holes.

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