The reasons and solutions of casting cracks.

When manufacturing steel casting components, so many casting defects will be occured if having incorrect or improperly casting operation, such as casting cracks.
With more than 15 years of casting experiences, we made a summary of the reasons and remedies of casting cracks.

The cause of cracks in steel castings are:
The surface defects and internal defects will cause some cracks;
The cooling rate is too fast during the cooling process;
The stress relief was not performed in time after cooling the casting components;
The cross section of castings changes too suddenly
The transition’s corners are too small.

How to prevent the cracks when casting?
We need to improve the casting’s structure when designing;
Improving the melting quality of casting alloy steel;
Adopting the correct casting method and heat treatment process.
Simultaneous solidification of castings not only helps prevent hot cracking, but also helps prevent cold cracking.
Reasonably setting the position and size of pouring riser so that the cooling speed of each casting part is as uniform as possible to reduce the cold cracking;

Lost wax casting factory
Lost wax casting factory

In short, when producing steel castings, we must be careful and meticulous in order to get a perfect finished products. If you need steel casting, please contact Baoding Guokun via or or call us 86-18132789710.