The factors affecting the quality of cast iron parts

Reasonable Design of cast iron parts
When designing the cast iron components, the geometry and size of iron casting parts shoud be determined by the working conditions and the metal’s properties.
And the disgner should consider cast iron and casting method when drawing the cast iron parts to avoid or reduce the casting occurrence of casting defects, such as sergregation, deformation, crackings, etc.

Suitable casting method
Our engineers will pick out the most suitable casting method when producing iron casting parts.
The structure, weight and size of cast iron parts, cast iron characteristics, the appropriate parting surface and shape, core making method, reasonable setting of casting ribs, cold iron, riser and other casting system will affect the quality of cast iron components.
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The quality of raw material
The quality of metal charge, refractory, fuel, flux, modifier and foundry sand, sand binder, paint and other substandard materials will affect the casting quality. They will cause casting defects, such as pores, pinholes, slag inclusions and sand sticking in cast iron components.
These bad appearance quality and internal quality, when severe, will scrap iron castings.

Manufacturing operation
Baoding Guokun will design the reasonable operation procedures, improve the technical level of our workers to make the procedures implemented correctly.

Quallity Control
Firstly, we must formulate the technical rules and technical conditions for the control and inspection of raw materials.
Then, each process should be strictly controlled and tested according to the right technical conditions.
Finally, the quality of the finished castings should be checked.
We have equiped with professional QC worker and testing equipment, such as the spectrograph, Magnetic tester, CMM, Universal tester, Impact testing machine, hardness tester, etc

CNC Lathe Components
CNC Lathe Components

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