The Difference between cast aluminum alloy and die casting aluminum alloy.

Cast aluminum alloys are mostly the 300-series(Al-Si-Cu or Al-Si-Mg) alloys, such as 319, A383, A380, A360, 356, A356.
But how to choose the most suitable aluminum alloys when producing aluminum alloy parts?
Cast aluminum alloys mains the aluminum alloy casting components which produced by sand casting, gravity casting and other casting methods, such as A356, ZL101, ZL104, ZL102, etc
Die Casting aluminum alloys mains the aluminum casted parts which manufactured by high pressure die casting process, such asA360, A380, A383, A518, ADC10, ADC12, etc
Die casting is a metal casting process that is characterized by forcing molten metal under high pressure into a mold cavity.
In China, you will find ZL can represent the cast aluminum alloy grade, YL means the die cast aluminum grade.
By the way, the cast aluminum castings can be heat-treated, generally T6 heat treatment. But die casting parts are not suitable for T6 heat treatment because the temperature of T6 heat treatment is very high, lower than the melting point of aluminum alloy 15-20 degress, the gas in the die casting parts will expand ad be forced out of the casting surfaces, which will cause casting defects.

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