Special Steel

Please check the comparsion table of special steel and tell us which material you need to use for investment casting, sand casting, die forging and cnc precision machining.

钢号 中国 前苏联 美国 英国 日本 法国 德国
60 60 1060 080A62 S58C XC55 C60
  85 85 C1085 080A86 SUP3    
65Mn 65Г 1566        
  55Si2Mn 55C2Г 9255 250A53 SUP6 55S6 55Si7
  60Si2MnA 60C2ГA 9260 250A61 SUP7 61S7 65Si7
  50CrVA 50XΦA 6150 735A50 SUP10 50CV4 50CrV4
GCr9 ШX9 E51100   SUJ1 100C5 105Cr4
GCr9SiMn       SUJ3    
GCr15 ШX15 E52100 534A99 SUJ2 100C6 100Cr6
  GCr15SiMn ШX15CГ         100CrMn6
Y12 A12 C1109   SUM12    
Y15   B1113 220M07 SUM22   10S20
Y20 A20 C1120   SUM32 20F2 22S20
Y30 A30 C1130   SUM42   35S20
  Y40Mn A40Г C1144 225M36   45MF2 40S20
耐磨钢 ZGMn13 116Г13Ю     SCMnH11 Z120M12 X120Mn12

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Guokun Casting, of Baoding Hebei is an ISO 9001-2008 registered iron and steel foundry & supplier of high quality carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, wear resistant steel castings, gray iron casting, ductile iron casting, protype castings and machhined castings used in Power, Mining, Transporation, Agricultural, Automobile, bus and truck parts, valves, oil & Gas steel castings and Gear Industry.