Truck casting components

Truck casting components

Truck Casting Components

Baoding Guokun can produce the custom truck casting components by using shell molding casting, resin sand casting, precoated sand casting in ductile iron, gray iron, cast iron, cast steel, cast aluminum as per your drawings or samples. Please mail your request or inquiry to or

Truck Casting Components

Baoding Guokun is the professional China sand casting foundry, which can offer green sand casting, resin sand casting, shell mold casting, precoated sand casting, shell-molding process and precision machining.

Casting truck component’s details:

  • Name: truck casting bracket
  • Material: Ductile Iron, we also can offer you gray iron, cast iron, cast steel, cast aluminum, brass, bronze as per your requirements.
  • Process: shell mold casting
Item Green Sand casting Resin sand casting Precoated Sand Casting or shell mold casting Automatic Molding Line
Process Green Sand Casting is the common sand castings made using wet sand or “green sand” molds. Resin sand casting process is using the resin sand as the molding material. Resin sand is a kind of mixture of quartz sand and resin The main molding material is the pre-coated phenolic resin sand, which is more expensive than green sand and furan resin sand. Green sand molding line & resin sand molding line
Advantage Usually for large steel castings and iron castings. Suitable for custom castings with rough surface requirement and low unit cost. high dimensional tolerance, good surface quality, and less casting defects High production rate, only suitable for small & medium castings, require annual quantity
Casting Tolerance CT11-12 CT10-11 CT8-9 CT10-CT11
Weight 5000kgs max. 5000kgs max 50kgs max 10-50 kgs
Metal Cast steel, Cast Iron, cast aluminum Cast iron, Cast steel,cast aluminum, bronze Cast steel, Cast Iron, cast aluminum, bronze gray iron, ductile iron casting

If you request truck casting components, truck casted components, truck casting parts, China truck accessories, iron casting truck components, steel casting truck components, sand casting truck components, OEM casting truck parts. custom truck casting components, please feel free to contact us via, or call us 86-18132789710.

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