steel rebar coupler

Steel Rebar Coupler

  • Material: 45# or 40Cr
  • Machined from round bars or seamless pipe.
  • Precision machining

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Baoding Guokun can produce and export various Rebar coupler, steel rebar coupler, rod coupler, carbon steel connecting sleeve, reber joint coupler, straight screw sleeve, reinforced coupler, building material, civil construction with competitive prices and high quality.

  1. The material of rebar coupler: 45# OR 40Cr, HRB400, HRB500
  2. The tensile strength of the above material: 40Cr: 720Mpa min; HRB400:540-630Mpa; HRB500: 630-720Mpa
  3. The rebar coupler are produced from round bar.
  4. If you need a cheaper prices, we can use seamless pipe.
  5. Process: precision machining

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