shifting yoke

Shifting Yoke

  • Process: Investment casting, water glass lost wax casting process
  • Cast steel: carbon steel, alloy steel, 4140, 1045, etc

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Shifting Yoke

Baoding Guokun can specially produce casting parts, forged parts, machining components widely used in railway & train, auto parts, valve & piping, mining, heavy engineering, industrial engineering, engineering & construction. If you need any mechanical components, please contact or call us via 86-18132789710.

More than 20 years’s trading experience and professional production equipment and tester (CMM instrument, X-ray testing, Ultrasonic Testing, Slat spray tester, harness tester, tensile tester, etc) is our advantage.

Material Ductile Iron,Casting Steel
Process Investment Casting +CNC Machining(if Need)+surface Treatment
Quality Inspection 100% Strictly Tested
MOQ 100kg
Use Pipe Fitting,Mining,Automotive,Machinery Parts
Size Customized or Acoording with your Drawing
Package Plywood Carton and Pallet

Investment casting advantages or benefits

  • Almost any metal can be casted, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, wear-resistant steel, aluminum alloys, bronze alloys, brass alloy investment casting, alloy castings, zinc investment casting, etc
  • Excellent Surface Finish: 50-125 uin, much better than sand casting process
  • High Dimensional Accuracy: Water glass casting process’s tolerance: CT6-8; The casting tolerance for silica sol casting process is CT4-6
  • NO flash or parting lines: Compared with Hot forging or drop forging process, the precision investment casting process is without no flash and parting lines.
  • Little need for secondary machining
  • Can produce complex shapes

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