Shell Mold Casting

Baoding Guokun Machinery Co., Ltd supply you the custom shell mold casting process for mining, farm parts, valve, pump in carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, gray iron and ductile iron.

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Shell Mold Casting is a metal casting process similar to sand casting, in that molten metal is poured into an expendable mold. However, in shell mold casting, the mold is a thin-walled shell created from applying a sand-resin mixture around a pattern. The pattern, a metal piece in the shape of the desired parts, is used to form multiple shell molds.

Shell mold casting process:

Pattern creation, mold creation, mold assembly, pouring, cooling, casting removal


  • Can form complex shapes and fine details
  • Very good surface finish
  • High production rate
  • Low labor cost
  • Low tooling cost
  • Little Scrap generated

Shell Mold casting material

Gray iron, ductile iron, alloy steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass 


Mining, agricultural parts, mining spare parts, pump, valve, etc

Any needs of shell mold casting process, please email the drawings to 

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