Road Speed Bump with Heavy Load

China Civil Municipal Engineering Casting Components

Cast Steel Portable Speed Bump for parking lots, pedestrian crossways, residential roads, drive ways, construction work zones, shopping centre

Black and Yellow Durable Casting Steel Speed Bumps

Cast Steel Speed Bump is extremely effective in reducing higher traffic speeds in access roadway,parking lots, pedestrian crossways, residential roads, drive ways, construction work zones, in shopping centres, industrial complexes and generally where average speeds are likely to be higher.

Material: Cast Steel, Cast iron
Tolerance: Aperture tolerance +-0.5mm
Finishing: Powder coated, hot dipped galvanized or as per customer’s requirement
Color: Black and Yellow
250mmX350mmX50mm Weight: 20kg/Meter
250mmX300mmX50mm Weight:16.8kg/Meter
250mmX285mmX45mm Weight:15kg/Meter

1. The cast steel speed bump can lower vehicle’s speed when pass by, but at the same time the driver have no feeling of being hit.
2. In the daytime, its warning color which is yellow and black is eye-catching.
3. The Cast Steel Speed Bump is installed with a light reflection that can reflect some bright light in the evening, which can attract drivers’ attention and enhance the security.

Installtion Steps:
Step 1: To gurantee the life span of the speed hump, workers should smooth the road first before fixing.
Step 2: Put the speed humps in a straight line.
Step 3: Drill through the holes of the speed humps into the ground until 12cm deep.
Step 4: Clean up the holes and remove the dust, oil and debris from the holes.
Step 5: Knock the screws through the holes until the screws expand completey to make the speed humps firmly installed.

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