Pipe Clamp

Guokun Casting is the professional manufacturer and supplier of pipe coupling, flange, adaptors, stepped couplings, Pipe clamps, tee, 90 degree elbow, 45 degree elbow, corss, reducer tee, reducer, various valve, etc

Please send the email to gina@guokuncasting.com or gina.guokun@gmail.com

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Guokun Machinery is a casting foundry to manufacture and export the pipe clamp, cast iron pipe clamp, ductile iron pipe clamp, gray iron pipe clamp, steel pipe clamp, alloy steel pipe clamp, carbon steel pipe clamp, stainless steel pipe clamp, etc

Casting Pipe clamp material:

  • Cast iron pipe clamp: gray iron pipe clamp, ductile iron pipe clamp, nodular iron pipe clamp
  • Cast steel pipe clamp: carbon steel pipe clamp, alloy steel pipe clamp, stainless steel pipe clamp, special steel pipe clamp
  • Brass pipe clamp, bronze pipe clamp

Casted pipe clamp manufacturing process:

  • Sand casting, green sand casting, resin sand casting, shell mold casting
  • Investment casting, silica sol casting, water glass casting, lost wax casting

Why choose us?

  • Automatic Molding: More accurate tolerances, no need to be machined; Fine surface finish, less flash; High productivity
  • Automatic casting line
  • Big quantity or small quantity are OK for us.

Please send the drawings to gina@guokuncasting.com or gina.guokun@gmail.com

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