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Metal Casting materials and metal casting process

No. Metal Casting Process Metal Casting Materials
1 Metal precision casting, metal investment casting, metal casting lost wax Carbon steel, alloy steel casting, stainless steel castings, special steel castings, 4140, 4340, 8620, A27, 1035, etc
2 Metal casting sand, metal casting resin sand process Gray iron casting, ductile iron casting, sg cast iron, etc
3 Metal die casting Aluminum, zinc, magnesium, such as

ADC10, ADC12, A380

4 Metal centrifugal casting Bronze, brass and copper alloy castings

Metal casting applications

Metal Casting process is the method of pouring liquid metal, such as alloys, steel, iron, aluminum, bronze, brass and copper alloys into a designed mold to achieve the desired shape. Actually, metal castings are all around us. You will find the metal casting products everywhere, food processing machinery, oil and gas equipment, railroad, construction, transportation, truck, car, high speed train, mining machinery, pump casting, valve casting, marine equipment, even electronic casting parts, furniture casting components, etc

Investment Castings
Investment Castings China

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Baoding Guokun Machinery, your first choice of China metal castings!

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