Investment Casting Brass Parts

Investment Casting Brass Parts

Investment Casting Brass Parts, ISO 9001 and 15 years casting experience, China lost wax investment casting factory, company, supplier of high quality brass, bronze and copper alloy casting components.

Centrifugal casting, Sand Casting, Investment Casting, Hot Forging, Precision Machining, one of them can cover your needs. Please contact 

Investment Casting Brass Parts company, supplier, manufacturer, factory in China

Baoding Guokun Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional lost wax investment casting foundry, mainly producing precision investment casting brass and bronze parts, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel components, for oil & gas industry, agriclture and farm equipment, valve and pump castings, mining castings, crusher parts, power and electronic components, lift or elevator parts, etc

Mainly material: Carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, brass, copper and bronze alloy, special steel, wear resistant steel investment castings, etc

Mainly Casting process: water glass casting or silica sol casting process

Compared with water glass investment casting brass components, the silica sol casting brass parts are with tight casting tolerance, even can reach CT4-CT6, fine surface finish, but the prices are little higher.

Baoding Guokun Machinery also can supply centrifugal casting brass parts and sand casting brass parts, precision machining brass parts, etc

So if you have any new inquiry of investment casting brass parts, precision casting bronze components, lost wax casting copper parts, custom casting brass parts and so on, please feel free to contact Baoding Guokun Machinery Co., Ltd via or call us 86-18132789710.

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