Forged Crankshaft

China Forging Factory to supply the forged crankshaft in carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, etc

Forging process: Mold forging process to produce the small forged crankshaft; Open die forging process to produce the large forging crankshaft

Machining process: Precision Machining or Rough Machining as per drawings

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A custom Forging Metal Components Manufacturer!

Impression die forging, close die forging, open die forging, upset forging, press forging, and hammer forging to produce parts for OEM, industrial forging parts, automotive & truck parts, agricultural machinery & equipment, valves, fittings, oil field application, hand tools & hardware, off-highway and heavy construction equipment, mining equipment, material handling, shipbuilding, aerospace, etc

Forged components: discs, blades, buckets, forging bushes, couplings, manifolds, rings, shafts, bars, blanks, blocks, connecting rods, cylinders, elbows, sleeves, gears, sprockets, levers, yokes, wheel hubs, rollers, axle beams, spindles, ball joints, crankshaft, bearing holders, drilling hardware, high-pressure valves and fittings, rock cutter bits, cultivator shafts, etc

Forging material: carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, tool steel, aluminum, brass, etc

If import the China steel forging crankshaft, please send the email to

Baoding Guokun Machinery Co., Ltd also can manufacture Investment casting, sand casting, open die forging, mold forging, precision machining parts with high quality and competitive prices.

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