Ductile Iron Truck Parts

Ductile Iron Truck Parts

  • Shell mold casting, sand casting, green sand casting and precision machining
  • Ductile iron, cast iron, gray iron, grey iron, S.C. iron
  • Weight controlled: within 5000 kgs

Please mail your inquiry to gina@guokuncasting.com or gina.guokun@gmail.com

Ductile Iron truck parts

Baoding Guokun is a professional China sand casting foundry and investment casting factory who mainly manufacture and supply you the customized casting components as per your drawings and samples.

  1. Product name: truck parts, casting truck parts, OEM truck parts, custom truck parts, customized truck components, truck accessories, lift truck parts, forklift truck components
  2. Metal: ductile iron truck parts, ASTM A536, QT450, 65-45-12
  3. Process: sand casting, resin sand casting, shell mold casting and precision machhining process
  4. Surface treatment: if need, we can outsource the painting, Zn-plating, etc

If you need truck casting parts, ductile iron truck parts, cast iron truck parts, gray iron truck parts, truck parts, please feel free to contact gina@guokuncasting.com or gina.guokun@gmail.com or call us 86-18132789710.

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