Brass forging fittings

Brass forging fittings

Brass Forging Fittings

  • Process: die forging and precision machining
  • Material: brass, copper, bronze, Lead bronze, Aluminum Bronze, steel, special steel

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Brass forging fittings

Baoding Guokun is a China sand casting factory for various sand casting, shell molding casting, iron casting, ductile iron casting, gray iron casting and a trading company for custom forged components, brass forged fittings, brass forging fittings, copper drop forgings, aluminum forgings, steel forgings, open die forging, mold forging parts with competitive prices and high quality.

Brass forged fittings

  • Process: hot forging, mold forging, etc
  • Metal Forgings: Brass, bronze and copper alloy, aluminum alloy, steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, etc
  • Forging Type: custom forged components as per your drawings; or simple parts, forging blocks, dies, rings, tubes, shafts, flanges, etc
  • Weight controlled: within 20 tons

Our company also can supply and export various brass casting fittings, brass investment casting, brass centrifugal casting, brass sand casting, brass machining parts as per your drawings. But compared with the custom casting components, the brass forged fittings are have the following advantages:

Dimensional tolerance Compared with casting parts, copper and bronze forging part’s dimensional tolerance is much better.
Material Utilization With assistance of our many experiences in hot forgings, our engineers can calculate the most suitable material as per drawings. So we can improve the material utilization as better as possible.
Wide range of application served all industrial application, mining, valve & pipe fittings, Crusher spare parts, auto parts, truck and tractor components or other customized replacement parts as per customer’s drawings

If you require similar brass forged fittings, brass forging fittings, copper forging fittings, copper forged fittings, please mail your inquiry to or or call us 86-18132789710.

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