Brass Casting Wheel

China Brass casting wheel factory, manufacturer of sand casting or investment casting in bronze, brass and copper alloy casting wheels with high quality and competitive prices.

Iron casting wheel, steel casting wheel, Sand Casting, Investment Casting

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China Brass Casting Wheel Factory, foundry, manufacturer

Baoding Guokun Machinery Co., Ltd and Baoding Guokun Export and Import Trading Co., Ltd is a professional company of high quality brass casting wheel, bronzed casted wheels, copper casting wheels for various application, such as tractor, truck parts, agriculture, mining and crusher parts, marine parts, etc

Brass, copper and bronze alloy casting wheels
1.     Material Various brass, copper, bronze, such as bronze casting, Aluminum bronze casting, Nickel Aluminum Bronze casting, Silicon bronze casting, Phosphor bronze casting, etc
2.     Process Sand Casting or Investment casting, precision machining if need.
3.     Casting tolerance Sand casting: CT11-CT12

Investment casting: CT4-7

If need tight tolerances, our engineers will design the suitable precision machining accordingly.

4.     Our strength A.    High accuracy

B.    More than 10 years casting and exporting experience

C.    Worldwide customers, such as USA, UK, Germany, Australia, Canada, India, etc

Actually, iron sand casting wheel, steel sand casting wheels and steel investment casting idler or similar shape casting parts and components, are our strength and advantaged products. Please send your drawings to or call us 86-18132789710.

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