Bottom Corner Casting

Bottom Corner Casting

Bottom Corner Casting

Baoding Guokun is your first choice to supply you the various bottom corner castings as per your drawings or samples. Most of our corner fittings are produced by sand casting or investment casting in cast iron or cast steel. But we also have some sources for forging bottomg corners. Please mail your drawings or inquiry to or or call us 86-18132789710.

Bottom Corner Casting

Baoding Guokun Export and Import Trading Co., Ltd is the professional China trading company who can supply you the high quality custom casting parts with the most competitive prices. And we have our own shell mold casting and sand casting foundry.

Bottom corner casting components

We have more than 15 years of experience who produce and trade corner fittings, container corner castings, Bottom corner castings, Top corner castings, BL, BR, TL, TR, ISO container corner post, container corner block, Iron corner castings as per your drawings or specifications.

  • Product name: Bottom Corner Castings
  • Main process: Sand castingshell mold castinginvestment casting, hot forging, and precision machining, etc
  • Main metal: cast steel, cast iron, etc
  • Surface treatment: Spray painting, primer or gray, etc
  • Usage: Container
  • Advantage: competitive prices, high quality

Container corner casting
Container corner casting

So if you need find the China container casting fittings supplier, please do not hesitate to contact Baoding Guokun. We can supply you different container casting components, bottom casting corners, steel transport container corner casting, corner casting fittings, container corner casting, iron corner casting, top Left corner casting, Top Container corner castings, ISO corner castings, container corner block, container corner cast, container corner post, steel container corner casting.

Our international sales mails are or 

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