How to prevent the deformation during Heat Treatment?

Precision machining parts, investment casting components, sand casting, hot forging part’ s heat treatment process are mainly decided by the different material used and the purpose of heat treatment.
The general heat treatment in Guokun Machinery is Annealing, Normalizing, Quenching, Tempering, carburizing treatment, Nitriding, etc

The Heat Treatment can help to improve the mechanical properties of material and the metal’s machinability, to eliminate the residual stress.

How to prevent the deformation during Heat Treatment?

The effective method to prevent the deformation when HT is preferably slow heating and preheating treatment. You can use the following guideline to select the preheating temperature of various steel.

  1. The preheating temperature is below the transformation point, the ordinary steel is 650-700, the high speed steel is 800-850.
  2. The preheating temperature is 500 degree.
  3. Two-stage preheating, the first section preheating’s temperature is 500 and maintain a period of time to assure the full preheating, then raised the preheating temperature to A1, below the variable point.
  4. Three-stage preheating for high-alloy steel, such as high speed steel.

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